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To better appreciate how your completed wedding video may look, check out our private library of full length videos, each video is categorised in it’s package or create your own. They range from 5 minute to 90 minute movies, of course each video is unique to the couple, their music choice and editing instructions.

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Capturing Your Day - Videography

Choosing the hours of filming (our attendance)

How may hours of our time will you require for your wedding?

Important info

Please note that the hours are consecutive and may not be split.Prices quoted are for one cameraperson. Includes all travel and tolls within 40 km of the Melbourne CBD, each km thereafter is charged at $1.00 per km. there and back. If a flight is suitable, then it can be discussed. A surcharge is charged for News Years Eve and some public holidays.

Where the Magic Happens - Choosing Your Edit

How do you prefer to have your memories edited? As a short highlight clip or as a story of the day depicting the emotion of the day/documenting the major events.

Treated Special - That Extra Special Touch

We can add some extra touches to make it just that bit more special. More stylized, colour graded, perhaps some of the narrative audio/speeches blended throughout. Split screen and additional text. Check out some of our samples.

Every Minute of Your Day - Raw Footage

Typically depending on the length of our stay, we can record anywhere from 60 minutes to 4 hours of footage. You may choose to keep a copy for your self.

Would you like a copy of the unedited footage prior to it being edited?

The footage will be properly prepared, bad shots deleted, audio matched and basically edited into a sequence. You will be supplied an easy step by step guide, your assistance will guide the editor in creating a personalised video just for you, such as scene selection or deletion, music allocation and general feedback. Or you may simply leave it up to us feeling more assured that you are confident with what has been captured.

Separate Individual Edited Clips

Fantastic as an addition if you are selecting a highlight clip only.

Another Point of View

For another perspective you may consider including an additional videographer for part of or the full day to capture what one videographer alone cannot. For example, two videographers to cover the morning before the ceremony, one with the groom and the other with the bride. Two videographers to capture the ceremony, one on the action the other on expressions.

Special Notes

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